Mona Green II Flats | 3 Bhk Affordable Hi-Rise Flats @ 38.88 lac in Mona Green II Near ( Savitay Green II ) -Chandigarh-Delhi High Way – Zirakpur. Call – 98887775612

Mona Green II Flats | 3 Bhk Affordable Hi-Rise Flats @ 38.88 lac in Mona Green II Near ( Savitay Green II ) -Chandigarh-Delhi High Way – Zirakpur. Call – 98887775612







3 BHK Flats in Zirakpur

Mona Greens II is what dreams are made of Beautiful homes with picturesque surroundings and ultra modern facilities. It is the perfect address to your dream home.

Located.. near Vishranti GAZIPUR ROAD, that has emerged as the most important hub of future development.

In the Tricity, Mona Green 2 has the perfect mix of location, ambiance and facilities just like you always dreamt…

.The biggest Park of Zirakpur, expected to come just a few meters away

The green areas, a dying hard requirement of the modern day world and the real estate projects, not just in India but many parts of the world with high density population, are not easy to find. However with this breaking news from the government to come up with the biggest parks for the settling population of Zirakpur in the Eastern segment of the city is a great news for Mona Greens II, its investers, makers, and inhibitors. It is not just a good news for the same but also for other projects near us. Working anywhere in a close proximity of the city including, Chandigarh CCR and then residing in a place so close to a big park for children is a great boon in these times. The park is expected to have many types of flora and fauna species with many trees planted for the clean natural air  supply to the surroundings. It is expected to have visitors from the many parts of Zirakpur in the beginning areas of Mohali, Panchkula and Peer Muchalla. Later on with the introduction of more roads and connectivity the park is expected to be visited by more people. The gentry expectation for the same will be mixed of both the residential complexes and many village residents close by.

The Connection

Mona Greens II  with both 3 BHK Flats in Zirakpur and duplexes is magnificently located in Chandigarh Highway, Ghazipur Road, Zirakpur and has emerged as the focus point for development in the near future.

A few hours away from Chandigarh, also the capital of two states Haryana and Punjab. The city holds a lot of significance not just because it’s the capital to two states but is also a union territory in the Northern India and is ruled straightforwardly by the Union Government of India and is not part of either of the state. The city of Chandigarh is one of the most pristine cities in India and it is different because it is called a, “planned city “first ever in India before Independence 1947, was initially well known for its architecture and urban design. The city was have maintained a statistics of being the cleanest in India in 2010, which was based on a national government study.

A Planned city is one where there is just no room for traffic. Commuters can reach their destination within minutes unlike the other parts of the city. The constructions of the houses are such that there has never been the need to park the cars on the streets. As a consequence of which, there is no traffic, lesser accidents greater hygiene. The city is planned in such an incredible way.

About the project

Zirakpur being only 12.7 km from Chandigarh, and as mentioned is one of the developing cities in India. To initiate this process Mona Townships stepped forward and came up with the project Mona Greens – II.

The town therefore holds prime importance in terms of its growing rapidity.  Through this project the touch of urbanity is spreading across this town and in due process it will sprawl up just like just any other major cities in India Today.

Mona Greens is just not another extension of a building. It is the extravagance in its nature which gives the homely feeling, ultra-modern facilities at the same time being surrounded by picturesque surrounding.

Also located in the Tri city, Mona Green II has the perfect mix of location, ambiance and facilities just like you have always visualized.

Exclusivity is paramount in each of the Independent 3 BHK 48 floors, 16 Duplex & 108 Hi-Rise Flats (stilt+9). The biggest Park of Zirakpur, expected to commence a few meters from the building.

Repository for Residents

Every place has its own specialty, but not every specialty suits the need of the buyer. When selecting an ideal home we take many factors into consideration. An ideal home comes with a few factors that of Tranquility from the constant honking of the cars, freedom from the chaos of the city life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, accessibility to premium schools for our children, Access to pub and clubs for hangouts, access to the malls for shopping and the convenience of grocery shopping, access to amenities, easy transportation, hospitals, are the many factors we look for in an Ideal Home.

Going Green

The greenery an imperative requirement in the modern day world of real estate projects, especially considering the area with high density population, which may not be an easy task to find. That is why the Government of India have come up with the project to establish the biggest park  in Zirakpur for settling the population in the Eastern segment of the city which has brought waves of optimism for people of Zirakpur, especially concentrating towards the segment of investors, makers and inhibitors and with an added advantage for Mona Greens II. It’s good news for the other projects as well. Working in proximity to one of the major cities i.e Chandigarh CCT and residing in a place close to the park, which has become as imperative for every family per se.  It’s a boon to children’s for they can play in the park and at the same time bond with other children in the colonies.

The park is said to boost up with various kind of flora and fauna with variety in trees, a progress towards fresh air. Considering the whooping amount involved in making the project also the area considered for pulling up the park, it’s expected to have many visitors from Mohali, Panchkula, Peer Muchalla including Chandigarh. Not forgetting the people from nearby areas a mix of both residential flat complexes and the village residents.

Upgraded Lifestyle

Mona Greens – II is clubbed with two kinds of building, High rise buildings and Ground + 2 flats. As per requirement, one can suit itself as per requirements.


Distinction is marked in every aspect of development, Mona Greens – II which is an array of 3BHK G + 4 independent floors and duplexes which is spread over three acres of lush greenery, the residences of this unimaginable fame and prestige are reserved for the exclusive few. Be it the design, the layout, the landscaping or the environs are the many features that seamlessly blend to create the perfect harmony among chaos.

Seizing the opportunity

Amplified and embellished with all the elements of modernity and convenience each floor compromises of three spacious bedrooms that are brightly lit and aired welcoming the glorious sunrise and sunset. Exclusivity is the principal factor and is paramount in each of the 48 floors and 16 duplex residences and 96 high rise flats (Stilt + 8). The heavy and concrete tiles floored living room welcomes you with its warmth. Sip your daily morning tea or gaze at the stars at the night while seated at the balcony as the cool breeze sways and ushers your room, Enjoy the tinkling of your taste buds in the spacious kitchen area which is adorned with attractive counter with an extensive space for works.

Embracing Fitness

At Mona Greens – II luxury is more prevalent than the tranquil environment in the bundle of fine details that have been brought together to encompass you with interrogating experience of a lifetime and beyond. The club house and the golf course are designed to keep life stress free and motivating. Make fitness a part of your daily routine and enjoy a game or two with family and friends. Be inspired and motivated with the club house featured with multi-purpose activities. The golf course spread over an area is an invitation to lead the active life and unleash the sports man in you.



These are a few nearby facilities that you will find around this property.

  • ATM



  • Kids play area
  • Jogging track
  • Fully modular kitchen
  • Ample streetlight facility
  • 80% Open Area. Approx
  • Ample car parking at no extra cost
  • Earthquake resistant RCC frame structure buildings
  • Prime location
  • Wooden flooring in master bedroom,vitrified tiles in the apartment
  • Round the clock security
  • Hundred percent power backup for common essential services
  • Uninterrupted water supply


Location Plan

location plan

Floor Plan


Floor Plan




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