Royal Estate 2 | 3 Bhk Ready To Move Flats In Royal Estate 2 At Peermuchhala ( Adj-20 -Panchkula) call-9888775612

Royal Estate 2 | 3 Bhk Ready To Move Flats In Royal Estate 2 At Peermuchhala ( Adj-20 -Panchkula) call-9888775612


Royal Estate 2

Royale Estate 2 the latest, hottest and fastest developing urban locality next to sector 20, panchkula. Homes at royale estate are all about comfort with class and about community with exclusivity

Our starting point was a time honoured maxim: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. our aim was to create homes, not just places to live. a community where residents can integrate and socialise, while retaining their individually. its’s about have a sense of belonging, without losing a sense of identity. at royale estate 2, your will reflect your success and your space in society


Want the convenience of an apartment with the comfort of a bungalow? Look no further. Royale Estate II homes are styled like a bungalow, with an abundance of spaciousness. Open on two sides, the apartments will give you the style and luxury of life in a bungalow at the cost of an apartment. Exclusive and elegant, these apartments ensconce you in comfort akin to a bungalow but give you the ease and flexibility of apartment-living as well.

With a view that is unparalleled and lush with greenery, you’ll enjoy vast expanses of landscaped greens right outside your home and stepping into your apartment will provide you with all the 21st century amenities at one touch.

Large, airy, well-lit interiors accompanied by spacious balconies will allow you to be a part of Nature’s wonders and yet have the modern luxuries and facilities that your high-powered lifestyle needs.


Royale Estate II is nestled well away from the noise and rush of the city but is still close to all modern comforts and necessities. So, you’ll be away from pollution, honking cars and the stress of city life, but well in touch with shopping, technology, education and medical facilities.


At Royale Estate, we believe exclusivity comes with

  • Detachment from the stress and strain of modern living.
  • Proximity to modern pleasures.
  • Stepping away from rush hours.
  • Stepping into peace and serenity

Royale Estate II is enviously situated overlooking the glorious Shivalik Hills while being right next to the well-developed Sector 20 of Panchkula. So, you have the city along with the country, right where you want it. The majestic Shivalik Hills are testament to the royalty of the apartments while the proximity with the city means you’re always in the midst of modern living.

  • Revel in the splendour of the Shivaliks, everyday.
  • Relax with the comforts of Sector 20, Panchkula.
  • Find bliss in the sprawling hills and vast green areas.
  • Explore the delights that a well-planned and fully functional marketplace can provide. Schools, hospitals, shopping centres and more right next door.



It is in the lap of lush, green, landscaped areas that your heart will fill with happiness and the stresses of the day be soothed away. Royale Estate II homes bring greenery to your doorstep. With 60% green area, you’ll be in the midst of verdant and plush lawns, play areas and walking tracks designed to keep your mind, body and soul in natural balance. Serenity will envelop you as you step onto the balcony and breathe in the freshness of Nature. Such expanses of green area will ensure that while your home is modern, your surroundings are traditionally natural.

Eco-friendly planning measures ensure that every home in Royale Estates II will benefit from the healing, soothing presence of verdant greens, replete and lush through the campus.

Hear the birds chirping, see the butterflies fluttering, breathe in the fragrance of blossoming blooms and soak in the sight of sprawling greens.. as soon as you step into Royale Estate II.


At Royale Estate, we understand that not everyone is born royal. Yet we do know your need to be surrounded by luxury, idyllic living and lavishness. That’s why, our homes are in one word: ICONIC.

As exclusive as you are, as discerning as you can get, Royale Estate II homes have luxuries that money can buy along with the elegance that only comes naturally.

Flanked by green spaces, overlooking verdant hills and cocooned in comfort and privacy, Royale Estate is a remarkable reflection of trendy modernity blended with old school luxury. A reflection of your elegant tastes, your stylish personality and your aura that precedes you. Homes that are for those who aren’t just talked about, but those who are the talk.

So, you may not be a born royal, but you certainly are royalty.







  • COVERED AREA : 1406.70 SQ.FT

  • BALCONY AREA : 281.85 SQ.FT

  • COMMON AREA : 152.50 SQ.FT

  • SUPER AREA : 1841.00 SQ.FTs















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