1840 Sq. Ft. Flats @ 1.5 Cr. In Punjab Secretariat Society Sector 49 Chandigarh Call more info-9888775612

3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh Sector 49 – 1840 sq. ft @ 1.5 Cr. Flats

3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh – Flats is average  in condition and location is good , floor ia 2nd  ,balcony is wide. This property is free hold and all fees deposited ,  Loan available on this property, sale on market price , see some pics of this flats.Call for more information about this Flats.

Flats Pics.3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh

3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh

3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh

3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh

3 BHK Flat In Chandigarh

Demanding Price -1.5 Cr

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